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Geopolitics has returned to the spotlight. Political risks, security threats and considerable economic uncertainty means that the business environment has rarely felt more volatile. Commercial success depends upon identifying and taking the right risks. Our team brings perspective to risk.


Our team deliver a range of consulting services, often incorporating our own technology. With a focus on understanding risk, we have expertise in quantifying and qualifying political risk, political violence, terrorism, cyber, kidnap, and travel safety. Using ground-breaking modelling and rating tools, we help our clients anticipate, prevent, respond and ultimately recover from crisis.

JLT Talos

JLT Talos

Technology for special risks. Modular solutions to meet your need

JLT Frontier

JLT Frontier

Safe Travel Solutions. Expanding your opportunities

World Risk Review

World Risk Review

JLT’s country risk ratings tool. Broadening your understanding of Political Risk



Advanced terrorism modelling. Narrowing the gap between the perception of terrorism risk and reality

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CPS Analytics & Consulting

Our team consists of former counter terrorism officers and consultants from academic and technical backgrounds, with a detailed understanding of terrorism, kidnap for ransom, cyber and political risks.  We sit alongside JLT Specialty’s broking teams; enabling us to gain a unique perspective on where risk transfer can be informed and underpinned by consultancy.


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